CLG Wins Open Meetings Act Motion
The firm recently prevailed against a request by a plaintiff, to reverse certain employment actions undertaken by the firm’s client, Metro East Sanitary District (MESD). The circuit court had previously ruled that MESD had violated Illinois’ Open Meetings Act (OMA), by failing to include enough detail about a potential action in MESD’s posted agenda. Plaintiff argued that – as a result of this OMA violation – the court should invalidate the employment actions that were voted upon, and award plaintiff her attorney’s fees.  In its briefs, the firm argued that the remedy sought (declaring the employment actions null and void) were unavailable under the OMA.  The firm further argued that in light of this, plaintiff was unable to substantially prevail upon her cause of action, a prerequisite for obtaining attorney’s fees.  The Madison County Illinois circuit court agreed, and denied the relief sought by plaintiff.  Read the court’s opinion here.